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【本地薑】M.1.0 默默作聲的非主流

這是 Jamintheroom 的 Edward。於兩年前,我開始了 Jamintheroom 這個奇怪的音樂平台。開始的原因,是希望讓抱著以音樂為終生事業的年輕人有發揮自己能力和得到別人認識的平台。在短短的兩年間,我們從一個結他手帶著一、兩位喜歡唱歌的青年對著傻瓜機唱歌,到可以有一隊由喜愛音樂的年輕人組成的樂隊應不同機構到不同地方作表演,那一次又一次的正面回應,叫我更有信心繼續鼓勵不同的年輕人去多作嘗試,並不斷求進、提升自己,以汗水去達成自己的夢想。





This is Edward from Jamintheroom. With the aim to encourage more youngsters to live for their music dreams, I started a platform called Jamintheroom back in 2016. We started from an amateur guitarist with 2 kids singing in front of a compact camera, to a band and production group full of teenagers getting out to perform for schools, corporates and different meaningful events. The positive feedbacks and supports from the audience had reinforced my will to bring up more dreamers from their self-denial mindsets programmed by this pathetic stereotyping society.

This is why I am so honoured to write for Pentagon Hong Kong on local indie musicians. There are numerous talented musicians in Hong Kong willing to give up all for their music. I hope to introduce them to you all, and show our next generation that dreamers can reach for the sky through their passions. By surfing through a wide range of music in the indie music scene, I hope our kids and the public will have a broaden vision and knowledge on music, and try to appreciate music outside the calculated, idolising, product-oriented pop music scene.

Music circle, like a society, should be free for creativity and full of respect between each other. The respectful thoughts among musicians would gather a force that engages more and more people in different roles together, and revive the indie scene so survival for living and inspirations to the public would co-exist. I hope you will enjoy exploring different types of music here, and support these hardworking Hong Kong musicians.


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